Social Responsibility

We believe strongly the importance of giving back to the communities we work and live in. Specifically, working with local charity organizations that support special needs artists by creating unique gifts to showcase their artists’ work.

Supporting the artistically talented and providing opportunities to showcase their talents

Qua is privileged to partner with the award-winning Artist Development Programme (ADP) who supports students from the Pathlight School. We have featured three artists from the programme: Leong Tung Seng, Glenn Phua and Selena Seow. Royalties are given to the ADP programme. Click here for the PATHLIGHT ARTIST SHOWCASE COLLECTION.

Since 2018 we have also worked with Very Special Arts (VSA) Singapore Ltd, a registered charity under the National Council of Social Services, they were founded in 1993 by Tommy Koh. The VSA mission is: To create and provide access and opportunities for people with disabilities through the arts. We featured artist Raymond Lau, who was honoured with the National Arts Council Young Artist Award in 2001. To view this collection click this LINK.

The lacquer objects we make have a natural synergy with painted and drawn artworks. They become a keepsake that is both a beautiful and affordable piece of art.  The art doesn’t just hang on a wall, it becomes a wonderful gift or memento while also supporting a special needs individual. This allows the artists to sell more than just one painting by producing a collection of multiple items – thus making the art affordable.

Our focus with these charities is to provide opportunities to artists who are differently challenged. It allows some of them to earn a living when traditional routes are not an option. We are constantly seeking Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) and local artist communities to collaborate on our merchandise development.  Please do CONTACT US if you wish to explore working together.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We are passionate about working towards a sustainable environment.   We develop “earth-friendly” products, which include our paper stationery gifts which are produced using “offcut” paper. We work with our sister printing company to collect their excess paper cut off during production and incorporate them into the notebooks, diaries, travel journals etc. 90% of our stationery products use offcut paper.   This is our way of reducing our carbon footprint one step at a time