Established in year 2002, Qua is the defining company for well-made meaningful gifts, with high quality, luxurious lacquerware being the main highlight of the brand.

Transforming artists' artwork in various mediums into lacquerware has been a key focus of some of our most recent collections. Working with local artists, we have made their artwork accessible for everybody by elegantly combining the artwork with a carefully selected collection of lacquer pieces that are both decorative and useful. Flexibility and attention to detail has allowed us to work with top artists in Singapore, such as Aaron Gan’s Joy collection launched in 2020. 

Since 2011, we started giving back to the society by working with special needs, differently-abled artists. Peering through their unique worldview, we adapt their art into various every day items – like stationery boxes, business card holders and trinket boxes. Artists are entitled to royalties through the sale of the products, gain exposure and our customers acquire thoughtful and beautiful keepsakes. 

We were the first to work with the Pathlight school In Singapore in this manner and are currently working with Very Special Arts (VSA). You can read more about these collections here. 

The other key focus which Qua has an extensive network for is the customisation of the collections. Best suited for corporate clients because of the extreme flexbility, companies can opt to add in their own branding to the products to gift to their VIPs and clients. We work closely with luxury hotels, local government bodies, private banks and various other companies looking for a unique gift. 

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In recent years, we have also expanded some of our most popular lacquer collections into other home and office items such as decorative cushions, notebooks and pens.

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