Established in the year 2002, Qua is the defining company for well-made meaningful gifts, with high quality, luxurious lacquerware being the main highlight of the brand.
We are excited to announce that Qua lacquerware has been accepted into the Made with Passion Singapore program. Made with Passion is a government initiative to support local brands that are passionate about their craft.















Joining Made with Passion Singapore is an important milestone in our brand's journey. It is a recognition of our efforts to promote local craftsmanship and culture. We are grateful for the government's support of local brands.




Collaboration with Specially-abled Artists: Artistry Beyond Boundaries

Step into a world where art meets elegance with the River Tales collection. This meticulously made collection celebrates Singapore's historical beauty as well as artistic brilliance meeting the essence of Asian heritage. Each piece conveys a tale, fusing heritage and modern design.


[River Tales by Kenneth from ART:DIS]

At Brex International, we understand the power of a meaningful corporate gift. We are happy to work with specially-abled artists, such as our collaboration wth ART:DIS, to create one of-a-kind Singaporean masterpieces. This collaboration exemplifies the value of incorporating new perspectives from specially abled artists in creative ways.

[Singapore City by Raymod Lau from ART:DIS]

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Festive Gifts: Celebrate Traditions with Timeless pieces

Embrace the joy of gifting during festive seasons with Qua’s Lacquerware. Our carefully curated selection includes timeless treasures like Persimmons & Birds collection, symbolising prosperity and good fortune, and birds representing freedom and optimism. Share the essence of celebration with loved ones.

[Joy collection]

[Cherry Blossom collection]

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Corporate Customisations: Elevating Your Brand with Gift Personalisation

Our customised corporate adaptations are tailored to your brand's identity for business partners looking to make a distinct impression. From personalised branding to exquisite packaging, we amplify your corporate identity with grace and sophistication.

[Mother of Pearl In-lay character customisation for DBS]

[Artwork Corporate Customisation]

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For inquiries, collaborations, or customisation, contact our team at enquiry@brexinternational.com.sg. Qua is your trusted partner in the art of gifting.

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