Corporate Gifts - Festive

28 Dec 2019

Chinese New Year Gift Giving Dos and Don’ts

For the Chinese culture, Chinese New Year is traditionally the main season for gift exchange between business associates.. Qua’s range of red, orange and gold and are uniquely festive as well as modern, making it the ideal gift option.
22 Feb 2016

Chinese New Year Goodie Box for Corporate Gifts

Qua’s CNY goodie box is definitely a valuable gifting option for your friends or associates during this time of the year. These uniquely packed gifts have various designs and many custom packaging options.
15 Dec 2014

CNY Lacquer ware embellished with Swarovski crystal

Our latest collection - Bedazzled - symbolises Chinese beliefs represented by the crystals as Fou meaning Good Luck and Ji Xiang meaning auspicious.
12 Feb 2014

Traditional Gifts

Our exclusive lacquered Historical Chinese Chess board set is a quintessential CNY gift for a traditional family. It is also an ideal decorative gift.
20 Jan 2014

Home Decoration for CNY 2014 Visiting

Fill your home with cultural and classic interior designs with Qua’s unique and exclusive Horse collection.
17 Dec 2013

Eight Treasures or Ba Bao Box meaning

ua offers many options for CNY gifts and presentation - learn about one of the most interesting and important ways to enjoy the auspicious delights served for CNY!
30 Oct 2012

Corporate Premiums for Chinese New Year 2013

Take the opportunity to wish your clients a year of abundance and thank them for their support for the past year.
28 Nov 2011

The Ji Xiang Culture

Do you know what Ji Xiang is? Read on to explore this interesting Chinese concept and how we have incorporated them onto terrific gifts or personal and corporate friends and clients.
25 Nov 2011

During Christmas, All Roads Lead Home

Qua proudly presents our coaster and candleholder collection, the perfect gift this Christmas to say “we share what you love”.
21 Jan 2011

Yu Sheng: My Favorite Chinese New Year Dish

Yu Sheng is a popular and favourite Chinese New Year dish, its ingredients have auspicious meanings making this celebratory dish a vital part of any business celebration.
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